Our Mission is to provide our clients and their families with a therapy experience that is both exciting and functional.  We believe that it is of the utmost importance to be able to function in social situations both comfortably and effectively.   With this mindset, we work very hard to create a natural and stimulating environment through the use of child friendly themes.  Our philosophy is to use child directed activities to promote successful interactions using "Peer Pods" to create peer appropriate, social opportunities throughout your child's therapy sessions.   It is through these opportunities that we are able to help our clients practice and generalize successful interactions in many typical situations that they may find themselves in while in other community and home settings

Imagine a child's excitement when getting to attend all therapy sessions in a park-like setting, at an amusement park or Zoo.  Our team organizes activities so that we can allow the children to direct so they stay engaged and put forth their best effort.  Of Course, it doesn't seem like effort to them.

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Integration  and Social Communication

Transdisciplinary TEam

Our team participates in ongoing training using social pragmatic and sensory interventions working as a transdisciplinary team.  What this means for your child is that all of our therapists, Physical, Occupational and Speech, understand and intervene using these philosophies.  Your child gets the benefit of each team member individually establishing and working 1:1 on goals specific to their profession, however collectively the team includes sensory and pragmatics into the ongoing treatment interventions throughout the entire therapy process.  This allows your child to obtain the highest amount of sensory regulation and support for pragmatic language throughout their experience at CAMP Hippo.  If we want our kids to generalize these skills into daily routines, we need to be teaching and supporting them in natural situations that include spontaneous social interactions.  This is life...

CAMP Hippo began in 1998 to meet the needs of children who would benefit from Occupational, Speech and  Physical Therapy.  Our team of rehab specialists use the most innovative equipment and treatment approaches for your child's therapy care.  Therapy services are provided within our unique environment that sits on 5 acres in a park like setting.  Our  facility includes an indoor arena,
24 foot climbing wall, outdoor playground, indoor pool and much more. 

 CAMP Hippo therapy sessions are designed to be fun, interactive learning experiences using natural environments and activities with peers to increase motivation, allow for positive peer interactions and facilitate generalization to the child's other environments.  

CAMP Hippo History

CAMP Hippo Pediatric Therapy

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